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Smoking nowadays is extremely common, however, once upon a time it was only for those of high standing in the community and class. Accentuating their fine facial features by drawing attention to their lips, eyes and high cheek bones, in a sensual and sexual manner. Fortunately, we now all have the pleasure of being able to attract men by the methods of smoking. Which Escorts in Birmingham have capitalised on for many years. 

The escorts of Birmingham know that smoking draws the client’s attention to their soft lips and moving mouths as the cigarette goes in and out of their lips, and they then as they proceed to blow the smoke out, leaving you unable to control your carnal urges. 

You will find that a lot of men even have a fetish for women who smoke and will only book Birmingham escorts who are happy to also smoke in the bedroom, as it turns them on immensely. For this reason, these escort girls all smokers as once a client books them, it attracts clients to them even more. Upon noticing an escort smoke, you will indeed want to rip her clothes off her gorgeous body there and then, without any further delay. 

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