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Shelby Robertson

Shelby has been interested in drawing comics since around the age of 4. Mainly influenced by old Godzilla movies and fast paced action cartoons of the '80s. In 1995, at the age of 18, Shelby was hired by Rob Liefeld for his first assignment. Shelby quickly became one of the premiere bullpen utility artists. Shelby's best sample pin-up became his first published piece.. Rascal from the Black Flag comic. After a few months Shelby was assigned to his own book Crypt and tons of fill in pagework as well as a "ghost" ink and background assistant.


Since his departure from Extreme studios, Shelby has worked on over 30 titles, created a dozen album covers for bands ranging from black-metal, punk and even a rap group.


Currently, Shelby is working here and there with the indie's but most importantly, starting his own company with his wife.