Senaptec Strobe Sensory Training Eyewear

Senaptec Strobe Sensory Training Eyewear


Senaptec Strobe sensory training eyewear enables individuals to flicker between clear and opaque lenses to force their brains to process visual information in a faster, more efficient manner. The eyewear is operated by a two-button system and features a convenient OLED display that shows battery life and mode. There are eight levels of flicker lens speed to choose from. The eyewear can also be controlled via a smartphone and a Senaptec Strobe App.

Improves reaction time

The Senaptec Strobe is a unique piece of sensory training eyewear that allows the wearer to alternate between clear and opaque lenses.Try it now>> The flickering effect allows the wearer to process visual information faster and more efficiently. The eyewear is controlled with a two-button system and an OLED display that shows the mode, battery life, and settings. The device is also compatible with a smartphone and can be controlled via an app.

The Senaptec Strobe sensory training eyewear is designed to increase an athlete's reaction time by strengthening the connections between the eyes, brain, and body. The flickering effect of the lenses forces the brain to focus on visual tasks, reducing the processing time of visual information. The increased capability of the brain makes it easier to execute a variety of visual tasks, including faster decision-making. This heightened sensory perception also helps to improve eye-hand coordination, movement, and balance.

Improves spatial awareness

The Senaptec Quad Strobe is the next generation of stroboscopic eyewear. This visual and sensory training eyewear improves spatial awareness, anticipation, balance, and visuomotor skills. The strobe-like pattern in the eyewear uses liquid crystal technology to block out visual information and improve response time. Users can customize the strobing pattern by choosing between alternating and single strobes.

The Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses are programmed to mimic the demands of different sports. They strobe peripheral vision while blocking the medial visual field, simulating keeping the eyes open in a basketball game. The strobe pattern strengthens the connection between the eye and the brain. Its versatility means that athletes can easily incorporate this eyewear into their existing training drills and visual therapy regimens.

Improves balance

Senaptec strobe sensory training eye wear uses flickering between opaque and clear lenses to force the body to process visual information more efficiently. The two-button system and OLED display on the glasses indicate the mode and battery level. There are eight different levels of flicker lens speed. The glasses can be controlled from a mobile phone via an app. Depending on the speed you need, you can even set the blink rate or adjust the volume of the flash.

The Senaptec Quad Strobe is the next evolution of stroboscopic eyewear. Quads use liquid crystal technology and flicker between clear and opaque. This flickering takes visual information away from the user and forces the brain to process it more efficiently. The user can even change the level of strobing, making it easier for different types of users to achieve optimal results. The Quad Strobes also provide an additional benefit – you can choose which color to see and which intensity to apply.

Improves visuomotor skills

In sports, one of the most important tools to improve visuomotor skills is improved visual cognition. In sports, the ability to analyze the scene in front of you and determine the next action is imperative. Senaptec strobe sensory training eyewear helps improve these skills. Its stroboscopic visual stimulation increases brain efficiency by improving response time and anticipatory timing.

The Senaptec Sensory Station is a training and assessment solution that provides comprehensive cloud-based data and aims to promote brain health and improve visual, motor, and physical performance. It measures ten different skills and uses an algorithm that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. The Senaptec Sensory Station uses Nike technology and incorporates feedback from eye care professionals to create a simple, portable, affordable system for improving vision, focus, mobility, and IQ.

Increases visual acuity

Senaptec strobe sensory training eyeglasses are a form of vision therapy that improves visual acuity. Strobe glasses are made with liquid crystal lenses that flash according to a preset level of intensity. The faster the lenses flash, the more visual information they provide. These glasses can also be used in vision therapy protocols to improve reaction time and anticipative timing.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Senaptec eyewear, the researchers conducted several subtests in which they tested the participants' acuity. Participants were tested at two distances and ten feet from a 42-inch display. The eyewear was also used to measure contrast sensitivity at six and eighteen-cpm, based on the time-to-boundary anterior-to-posterior stepwise model.

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